Advantu CoQ Webinar – Utilize CoQ to Improve Product Quality & Control Costs with Absolute Certainty

Watch Quality Process Expert Charlie Gragg show how to ‘Reduce Critical Defects & Cut Costs’ by utilizing Advantu’s Cost of Quality Process Improvement Program.

Are you interested in seeing a step-by-step process, for measuring, then improving your organization’s capability to consistently design, build and deliver Quality Products – on a consistent basis?

This is how the Pro’s do it.  Click on Charlie’s Photo to watch this awesome Program.   🙂 

We’re hosting a free Webinar at Noon (PST) on Tuesday, January 22nd with Quality Process Expert Charlie Gragg – he’s led Process Improvement Teams for over 31 years with successful results.

This is a unique opportunity to have Charlie walk you through Advantu’s CoQ program, and cover the Key aspects of this process.

Additionally, Charlie will discuss one actual client project (at a well-known biotech company) where he helped solve critical challenges by successfully implementing the CoQ program.

Included in this Webinar:

What is CoQ?Why should I invest in CoQ Metrics?
Is the CoQ process costly?How many CoQ Metrics are there?
Are CoQ Metrics adaptable to different types of organizations?Do CoQ Metric programs keep expanding over time?
What are the characteristics of CoQ Metrics?What is the CoQ Process?
Why is CoQ so effective?How has a specific company benefited?

Presenter Charlie Gragg has been facilitating companies in achieving sustainable quality process improvement for the past 31 years.  He applies invaluable teamwork and accountability life lessons from his twenty years active duty service as a submarine commander and Joint Chiefs of Staff Advisor.  His approach centers around open and honest support of all stakeholders, working hand in hand developing, implementing and delivering increased and sustainable customer focused solutions exceeding their expectations.

Employing a “Common Sense Approach” in developing and implementing solutions, organizations move beyond just being “Compliant to the Letter” to being “Complaint to the Intent” by harmonizing guidance, regulations, policies, procedures and work instructions into a continuous improvement framework that provides real cost/benefit value.

Organizations that have benefited from Charlie’s techniques and guidance include: Hospira, Fresenius Medical Care, Johnson and Johnson, Zimmer-Biomet, Baxter Hospital Products, Obalon Therapeutics and Medtronic.

Charlie’s Live Webinar was a great success, here is the CoQ Webinar – Video! 

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