Advantu Tech Talks – How to Build a Technical Career Path in San Diego

Advantu is proud to Host Tech Talks with Patrick Ward – being presented by a Technology Leader with over 20 Years of Engineering Management and Executive experience.

What our Attendees had to say…
Dean Manderson
  • Rob Carle
  • Sanjiv P.

    We are Hosting this Wine & Cheese Event on Thursday, November 17 at 6:30 PM, at our Conference Center: 5752 Oberlin Drive, San Diego, CA 92121      Click Here to Sign Up!


    Mr. Ward, with important Patents to his name, has delivered amazing results at companies such as Andersen Consulting (Now Accenture) where he was Manager and Lead Architect, Vice President at Cardiff Software (Now HP), Vice President at Alignment Software (Now Sopheon), Section Manager at Hospira (Now Pfizer) and Director, Software Engineering, Infusion at CareFusion (Now BD).

    For those Executives and Directors seeking to improve your Leadership & Time Management skills – Mr. Ward will discuss the following:

    How to build your personal skills repository as your sphere of influence increases over: more key decisions, innovation opportunities, resource responsibilities, internal and external partnerships and industry expertise:

    • Identifying the high risk/reward projects for strategic recognition
    • Fostering an environment that creates loyal team members
    • Best practices for maximizing partnerships
    • How to stay fresh in your industry and complementary ones

    Click Here for Tickets:

    • Meet & Greet – 30 minutes
    • Presentation – 45 minutes
    • Question & Answer – 15 minutes
    • Networking – 30 minutes

    We are looking forward to seeing San Diego’s Industry Leaders increase their knowledge while learning insightful tips from Mr. Ward, and asking those questions which benefit everyone in the room – this will be a very impactful event because of the high caliber of professionals in attendance.

    * Hear Patrick Ward discuss “How 2 avoid software project bottlenecks” on his Podcast *

    What our Attendees had to say…


    Dean Manderson liked most about the Presentation and Format…

    “Learning more about the challenges on the engineering/technical side. What they have to deal with in their world on a daily basis. The format was enjoyable and personable.”


    Rob Carle, did the presentation provide the information you were seeking?

    “Yes – he hit on key topics/issues that i have encountered over the last ten years and particularly as a manager.   The themes he outlined about seeking projects that make a difference, treating people with respect, and engaging with your staff are things that that item that I personally want to continue to work on as a manager and focus on in my next position.  The talk definitely resonated with me.”


    Sanjiv P., what did you like the Most about the Event?

    “Good sized group; nice to meet peers in the Industry….”


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