Advantu’s Partner Program

Monetizing Client Referrals in 2021

Welcome to Advantu’s Partner Program, which enables associates, colleagues, and friends of Advantu to share in Profits of business they refer.

Partnering on deals is a proven concept. 

The process is designed to allow partners to collaborate on identifying, reaching out to potential clients and closing deals – then sharing in the rewards.

Advantu has proven success taking care of medical device/biotech clients with their software testing, quality management system process improvement and software engineering needs.

We are expanding our partner program in order to positively impact more potential clients, capture new business, and, build our good will across multiple partner channels as we grow.

 Program Overview

  • Premier Plan: 
    • Refer Advantu to a client – Contract – Receive 25% of Profit
      • Provide name/contact info for potential clients you know
      • Include details regarding hurdles the potential client is experiencing
      • Advantu team will do all the leg work
      • Partner collects profit share for first 3 Months of captured Contract(s)
  • Executive Plan: 
    • Directly introduce Advantu to a client – Contract – Receive 40% of Profit
      • Send an introductory email to both the client and Advantu
      • Willing to jump on phone call with us to add credibility to Advantu
      • Partner collects profit share for first 6 Months of captured Contract(s)

Value in Introducing Advantu

When a partner introduces Advantu to a new opportunity, you drastically speed up Advantu’s growth capacity – this is why we believe in sharing the profits with those who support us. 

Additionally, because of our record (successfully resolving our client challenges) you will provide solid, value-added support for every company you introduce to Advantu.

Once we are involved with a client, we are truly dedicated to their success…while ensuring their customer’s complete satisfaction with their products.

We’ve built a strong team (with endless capabilities) to support medical device & biotech companies with all their quality process, software development and testing needs. 

Right now we are only scratching the surface of what our teams could accomplish together.  

Advantu’s engineers have over 100 (combined) years of medical device product development experience.  Let’s put them to work for the folks on your Rolodex & Contact List, so together, we can make a meaningful impact for medical device companies.

They will thank you for the introduction.

How It Works

For every entrepreneur/startup/established company that a Partner introduces to Advantu, and we sign a Contract – the Partner will be financially rewarded..

This is a business partnership; therefore, sharing profits makes perfect sense and the benefits should be obvious to all parties involved.

Our Partners know a vast network of industry leaders who need reliable, trustworthy & dependable Software Engineering/QMS/V&V Support.  Advantu has proven itself capable of successfully delivering these important solutions.

Working together, we can help companies bring solid products to market, on time & on budget with ‘best practice reliability and quality.

As partners we can provide an extremely valuable solution for teams who already have too much on their plate, and they need competent engineering and quality management system support.

Medical Device & Biotech companies want to deliver their lifesaving products to market – we provide a reliable solution they (and their clients) can trust.

For more information: 

Email: Tim Reynal

Phone: 858.433.1588