Are you ready to solve these SDLC Challenges – rather than continually put them off…?

The Root Causes of Software Development Problems


Today’s composite applications must be developed and integrated faster than ever – by bringing together diverse, distributed components – owned and built by multiple teams. A typical application includes many connected components such as services, integration layers, legacy systems, databases and third-party SaaS or Cloud-based services.

While individual release cycles for these components are becoming shorter, the rate of change and overall complexity of the software lifecycle has increased. This creates new pressures that are not addressed by existing application development processes:

  • Increased labor costs
  • Deadlines are missed or less functionality is delivered
  • Poor application reliability and failures in production
  • Costs of complex environments for development and testing are becoming prohibitive

The end result? Increasingly bloated project timelines and blown IT budgets. There are four primary challenges causing these pressures on the software lifecycle:

  • Constraints of unavailable systems that are outside of your team’s control
  • Exploding manual labor costs, especially in testing cycles
  • The increasing complexity of today’s highly interconnected software architectures
  • High rate of change that increases the risk of failure.

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