Building a Mobile Medical Device? Here are examples of Pre-Market Submissions the FDA liked…

The FDA, believe it or not, actually wants to help you deliver a mobile medical device to the market – and in our experience supporting clients with their pre-market submissions, we’ve seen multiple examples of this.

As we mentioned in a previous article, there are some funny ways the FDA shows this Love for the Medical Device Industry, but by and large they really want to help. It’s like the old saying “a rising tide raises all ships” and the FDA knows, the better each contributing company does, the better the Industry does as well – because it contributes to improved healthcare for all Americans.

Whether you’re a startup, or an established medical device manufacturer with scores of successful product releases under your belt, you’ll happily find a plethora of resources available on the FDA website – and today we wanted to highlight this treasure trove of optimism:

Examples of Pre-Market Submissions that Include MMAs Cleared or Approved by FDA

You’ll find examples of mobile medical applications the FDA has cleared or approved since 1997. This is such an awesome reference for those building MMAs for the first time; what a great source of inspiration for how it’s done. It should generate an tremendous feeling of “we can too” for all those inventors, contributors & entrepreneurs who make the world go round.

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Here’s a link to information regarding Advantu’s FDA Submission Support.


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