Data Processing & Performance Tuning

Advantu’s experienced data warehousing and data processing team understands the necessity of scaling for small-to-medium and large scale systems. The evolving nature of cybersecurity is that it requires continuous updates and technology advancements in order to keep up with constantly change threats.

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with Kris, and he is absolutely correct in stating that he was able to efficiently get us the scaling solution we needed almost immediately.”

Troy Molsberry

System Architect – Packetsled

When it comes to performance tuning, the architecture needs to be flexible. With this requirement it’s imperative that scalability is built in to the system.

We supported a cybersecurity company who wanted to scale their cloud based system in order to capture larger clients.  Our consultant performed an analysis of their entire system and provided a solution for reliable, cost-effective expansion.  By recommending a new technology and providing a plan for performance tuning, our client was able to scale their system successfully, without impeding threat detection.