Find out what San Diego IT Executives think about….

…challenges faced when building software applications.

We conducted a survey of 100 San Diego IT Executives – here are the results.

The Future

What was the hardest part about creating a new app?

Concept (24%)

Design (59%)

Development (17%)


What do you wish you knew before building a new app?

How long it would take (26%)

The cost (37%)

How to thoroughly verify quality before release (37%)


What was your favorite ‘thing’ about a great app you downloaded?

Ease of install / use (14%)

Intuitive interface (38%)

Value it added to me (48%)

Most companies need help up front – figuring out the design and budget, and an equal number struggle verifying quality before release.

You aren’t alone!

Why go another week trying to solve these issues by yourself?  

Throw the ball in our court – and make us prove we can help you overcome those challenges that are keeping you up at night…

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