Help! My iPhone won’t turn on or it’s frozen up!

Lately, I’ve been getting calls from friends of mine who know I use an iPhone…because their iPhones are frozen or won’t power up.

They reach out to me via their landline (people still have them) or email, since they know I’ve had the same challenge.


It’s amazing to me the similarities in my Professional life, when Engineering VP’s, and Product Directors ask me for help with their software development issues.

Their projects get stuck and they don’t know how to restart the process…

…so they reach out to a friend or trusted adviser.

And just like that frozen or seemingly dead iPhone, there is a solution to their problem.

Reaching out to someone who has been down that path and has discovered a solution is the best possible approach, because you both benefit.

Your trusted adviser wants to help you; there’s nothing more enjoyable than resolving an issue…only to have someone ask for help with the same challenge.

As their resource, you enjoy the benefit of guiding them through their problem and help to ensure they have a complete handle on it…for future occurrences.

Plus – you’re confirmed as someone who has their best interests at heart.

That gift, of being someone’s trusted resource has to be earned….which is why it’s valued so highly.

For those Product Managers and Engineering VP’s who are reading this article…my team has been helping our clients overcome their software development challenges and improving their processes for over 30 years…we look forward to earning your trust (and your business) when you need to overcome these challenges:

more projects than resources

costly rework is killing your budget

quality issues make forecasting almost impossible

dev team spends most of their time on legacy issues, delaying new product releases

As for the iPhone challenge – this fix is proven (like most reliable solutions) and works every time: hold both the power button (top of phone) and menu button (front of phone) down for at least 30 seconds….or until you see the white apple…then you can let go while the phone reboots.

After it powers back on; perform a normal power off, power on again…and everything should be just fine.


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