The hidden costs associated with product roll backs…

When you look at the big picture, you see impacts such as:

  • unfavorable customer perception
  • cost of expensive 3rd level support
  • demoralized engineering staff
  • a severely overloaded tech support team

And that makes sense, because everyone else notices it too.

Now consider the impact to the Marketing Team…

They reach out and establish relationships with new and existing customers, and work closely with them to determine their wants, desires and ultimately – their business needs.

They story board an amazing product or system which will deliver on the customer’s requirements – in a way that nobody else has thought of, with promises of an engaging user experience.

It’s understood that the product will be easy to install, configure and will be extremely reliable and user friendly – with the performance they expect.

However, those customers – who are initially intrigued by the unique capabilities of your application – will tolerate only so many mistakes until they finally decide to move on.

Even before you lose those customers, the damage is manifesting itself internally.

The Marketing Team will start to lose faith in the Engineering Team, even if it’s just a byproduct of poor communication or an unseasoned management team.  After all, it’s their reputation on the line.

Where is the breakdown – is it the corporate culture (nobody tells upper management what’s really wrong) or do teams continue to operate at breakneck speed, simply because it worked when the company was young and that’s what it took to beat competitors to market?

Or is it something else entirely?

We believe it’s a matter of reevaluating ‘how’ you build your products, and ‘why’ you keep having these painful (roll back) experiences, over and over again.

Here’s what I mean.

What if you could build your products with predictable:

  • reliability
  • dev costs
  • performance
  • delivery dates
  • user experience

How much would this capability change the way you do business?

Would your Marketing Team feel even more empowered to come up with creative (new) ways to solve your customers problems, and beat your competitors, at the same time?

What would that do for your bottom line?

How much would this new process, and increased capacity, motivate your engineering team to be even more productive – because they knew they could successfully deliver on Marketing’s promise?

While you are considering this panacea – here’s what we are getting at.

Our approach helps teams reveal blind spots in their process, ensuring they find all critical defects in their code, (including integration touch points), during software development, so they can release the product confidently.

This high degree of confidence at release is the result of knowing where to look for those defects throughout the project.

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