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Boost Productivity & Product Reliability

Advantu’s GAP Analysis and Remediation Program is designed to implement software development best practices across your organization.

Our consulting experts will review your software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify problem areas, collaboratively devise corrective actions and implement proven solutions designed to meet your goals. The end result – increased productivity and measurably improved product quality and reliability.

“I’ve been working with Advantu for about 9 months now. Their insights to the healthcare industry have been invaluable. The knowledge and professionalism of their team has been immeasurable in my journey to disrupt the industry with my project. Their input to risk assessment(s) has greatly impacted the direction I want to take the company!”

Jacques Stroud

CEO – Docfully

Program Benefits

  • Improve timeline forecast accuracy by 10-15%
  • Reduce time to market by months on your next project
  • Minimize rework and cut project costs by 5-10%
  • See product quality improvements over the first 90 days
  • Increase profits by lowering 2nd and 3rd level technical support costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction with your products

Challenges Teams Face

  • Project delays due to critical defects discovered late in the cycle
  • Time consuming rework caused by miscommunication between Dev & Test
  • Missed deadlines and increased overtime due to scope creep
  • Project team’s inability to accurately forecast project timelines
  • Profits erased by excessive tech support calls after release
  • Installation and configuration issues create unhappy customers
  • Poor system performance yields unacceptable user experience

GAP Analysis Solution

  • Work with you to determine SDLC Goals
  • Analyze your documented SDLC process
  • Interview core team members & support staff
  • Identify gaps in your software development life cycle
  • Review the findings with your leadership team
  • Provide recommendations for remediation
  • Collaboratively devise an action plan tailored to your SDLC Goals
  • Work with your team to identify a pilot project to implement the action plan
  • Regularly review process improvement results with your leadership team
  • Deliver a thorough ongoing process improvement plan to your team
  • Follow up on a monthly/quarterly basis to ensure continued positive results


Finding and realizing the value of ongoing process improvement requires companies to build a foundation where it can thrive – now and in the future. Advantu has identified five steps that firms can take now to lay the groundwork:

  1. Move beyond working longer hours or throwing bodies at late projects to meet deadlines.  Where are your strengths and challenges when it comes to software development velocity?  What do you need to do to close the gap between where you are now and where you need to be?
  2. Redefine the skill sets of your core team. Identify where you can update capabilities via hiring and training, both onsite and online.
  3. Begin, then iterate from there. The only way to master ongoing process improvement is to begin. Create and execute proofs of concept rapidly to start realizing value.
  4. Set parameters for your new process. As your ongoing process improvement becomes more pervasive within the company, communications, training and team building will be increasingly important.

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