Network After Work North County on Thu 2/16 !

Visit Advantu’s Table at this Fabulous Event!

Beautiful Searsucker Del Mar

Our System Experts are onsite from 6-9 pm…ask us about the following:

  • Would you like to know the Time 2 Market Secret for Mobile Apps?
  • Do you know which projects to Outsource – how do you choose?
  • Why was your last Medical Device recalled?  (want to prevent this forever?)
  • How do you Verify that awesome SQA Candidate is perfect for your Team? (or not!)
  • Would you like to know where the Critical Defects are hiding – before your customers find them?

Enter to Win Fabulous Prizes!!

  • Two Great Entrepreneur Must Haves – !
    • The Chaos Imperative
    • The Founder’s Dilemma
  • 5 Free Tickets to Advantu’s April Tech Talks Event
  • 5 Free Risk Assessments for your Company’s SDLC
    • How to Identify High Risk Code Areas
    • Enjoy High Confidence Medical Device Product Releases
    • Relax during Mission Critical System Deliveries
    • Peace of Mind – No More Stress During UAT
    • Ship On Time – it’s possible with our Risk Reduction Program

And so much more, make sure you sign up here!


Don’t miss out on your next big business deal – be there!!


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