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We want you to succeed – period!

We believe in Empowering our Clients and Positioning them for increased Success after Project completion.

We help Teams overcome the following challenges with best in class solutions:

System Performance


  • Unacceptable user experience
  • Unreliable long term ‘up time’
  • Missing or corrupted data
  • Browser interface painfully slow
  • Reports take forever to load and display
  • Search feature / Print requests – take forever or time out
  • Multiple users cause serious degradation, freeze or system crash
  • System Navigation is so slow; you forget what you were doing

Solution – Quantifiable Performance

     System Analysis & Remediation

  • We will identify all the bottlenecks and system design shortcomings
  • Review findings with your team
  • Provide recommendations for remediation
  • Collaboratively determine the best action plan
  • Work with your team to implement corrective steps
  • Fully test the system against updated behavioral expectations
  • Ensure speed, capacity, data integrity and reliability exceed customer demands
  • Improve customer satisfaction with your products

Outsource Implementation and Execution


  • Capacity versus Ability to Hire
  • What you don’t know will bite you
  • Change management for in-house teams
  • Cultural differences
  • Selecting the Right Service Provider
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • If it looks too good to be real, it probably is

Solution – Quantifiable Performance

Team is Converted

  • Corporate analysis to determine what should/shouldn’t be outsourced
  • Corporate sponsorship with team buy-in
  • All expected challenges aired out, identified and fully explained
  • Entire Program is designed for client success
  • Outsource team fully integrated into existing processes
  • Repeatable processes fully documented and templated
  • Outsource program in place and successfully executed

Test Automation


  • Attempting to Automate “everything”
    • Just because you have a hammer – doesn’t make everything a nail
  • Test engineer attrition (boring, repetitive work)
  • Using old tools – skill sets not current with new technology/capabilities
  • Not matching the tool to the project (not all tools are alike)
    • Generating too much overhead – reduced ROI
  • Little or no code coverage metrics
    • Do you know where you’re saving time – how much
    • How much has code coverage increased
    • How many more cycles are running
    • What are your tangible benefits
  • Lack of a Test Automation Plan – need to establish an initial program

Solution – Quantifiable Coverage

  • Create a Test Automation Program
    • Work with cross functional team to determine all automation needs – now and future
      • Regression test beds
      • Infrequently changing features/functionality
      • Support dev team build transitions (unit, smoke, entry/exit, etc)
    • Set measurable goals for your Test Automation Program
    • Get your design of test automation frameworks right
    • Review code being automated – match to appropriate automation tool
    • Select qualified automation engineers and train them
    • Ensure high quality of test data
    • Put together a complete Test Automation Plan
      • Compile list of Test Automation Goals
      • What should/can be automated
      • What not to automate
      • Test design prior to automating
        • Risk ID
        • Scenarios
        • Peer reviews
      • Remove uncertainty from automated tests
        • Avoid attempts to automate unstable functionality
        • Spot check (always passing) automated tests with ad hoc tests to verify results
        • Don’t automate chaos – if the QA process is chaotic, automating only creates faster chaos
      • Maintain scripts in a proper repository
      • Insist on thorough documentation covering all aspects of the program
      • Ensure project needs are met via automation
      • Identify and annotate all aspects of ROI prior to launch
      • Continually measure ongoing ROI – verify it maps to plan
      • Determine & list test automation plan success factors
    • Know when you are done with a project (start/end activities)

Mission Critical Systems


  • Inability to identify the High Risk areas of the code and system
    • Negatively impacts ability to properly scope test plan
    • Critical defects and system failures – escape into production
  • Project timelines: lack of understanding, what “not” to test
    • Impact schedules – constant delays and missed delivery dates
  • Incorrectly tracing test cases (requirements versus specs)
    • Critical coverage gaps
  • Minimal or nonexistent impact analysis articulation
  • Regulated MedTech Environments
    • Lack of preparation for an FDA Inspection
    • Too many recalls/stop ship occurrences
    • Unexpected system performance issues

Solution – Predictable Release Schedules and Increased Confidence with Product Quality

  • Identification of High Risk areas
    • Improve product quality
    • Reduce test cycle times
    • Cut costly rework
  • Implement repeatable processes
    • Predictable schedules
    • Improve system reliability
  • Regulated MedTech Environment Consulting
    • Training: FDA Audit Processes and Approaches
      • Inspection program put in place
      • Successfully complete inspections/audits
    • 30 years MedTech Experience – applied to your team
      • Increase Patient Safety
      • Recall reduction
      • Minimize stop ship occurences

Engineering Talent Sourcing


  • Technical Recruiters are not Engineers
    • They are “wow’d” by resume buzzwords and super confident candidates
    • They map resume buzzwords to job requirements – to match candidates to open positions
    • They are usually in a hurry to fill the role, in order to beat their competitors
      • Leaves minimal time to vet the candidate, and verify qualifications for the role
      • Mostly phone interviews asking typical questions – don’t know if candidate answers are close or lucky
      • It’s almost impossible for a Recruiter to determine a good culture fit – they’ve never worked together
    • Candidates rarely take a written test to prove their resume skills or specialties
  • Mud against the wall
    • Technical staffing companies typically bury the Hiring Manager in resumes until something sticks
  • Major waste of Hiring Manager’s time
    • Interview majority of candidates sent by Recruiter
    • Call references and/or do background checks
    • Have the team interview every candidate – multiple times

Solution – Right Engineer for the Right Role

  • We work in the Industry
    • Advantu is comprised almost entirely of Engineers – so we know a good fit, from a bad one
    • We know how to match the right engineer, to the right role
      • Written tests
      • Oral interviews
      • Best fit work counseling – find out about their Dream Role
      • Match them to the best position and environment
  • 6 Degrees of Separation
    • If we don’t know a candidate directly – within 3 phone calls, we can speak with a colleague who has worked with them
      • We identify workplace behaviors and determine the best culture fit for them – everyone wins
    • We can tell if a candidate is simply desperate for a job, and will temporarily take a reduced pay rate – until a better job comes along
      • We know the kind of work they’ve done, and know how to steer them clear of contracts where the work isn’t commensurate with their experience
      • We keep our Engineers focused by putting them on desirable, challenging projects – this is also how we take care of our Clients
  • We take the Time
    • We invest the proper amount of time with our clients, and their teams whenever possible
    • We want to know how your team works, and what kind of people they prefer to work with
    • It’s important to us, to spend time with our Clients – so we truly understand their culture and work environments – to guarantee a solid fit
  • Our Promise
    • We’ll Save you Time
      • After thoroughly understanding your needs – we do our investigation in order to identify the perfect match
      • We will only send 2-3 resumes to your Hiring Manager for each Role
    • We Make it a Simple Choice
      • We believe your only decision should be personality fit: you and your team will choose the candidate you like the most
      • That’s because every candidate has already been vetted and proven 100% technically qualified – you only need to pick your favorite