System Performance Tuning & Scaling

Scale Your System for Growth with increased Performance

Measure twice, cut once – the old construction adage applies equally to technology performance projects. You can’t fix what you don’t measure and you don’t understand. Starting with clear, concise requirements and defining best-in-class performance metrics is key to the successful delivery of your products and services.

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with Kris and his Advantu Team, and he is absolutely correct in stating that he was able to efficiently get us the performance scaling solution we needed.”

Troy Molsberry
Senior Architect – PacketSled, Inc.
Program Benefits
  • Improved system performance allows the existing system infrastructure to scale
  • A robust high performing system yields significant credibility for internal & external stakeholders
  • Improved system reliability increases user confidence in mission critical, regulated environments
  • Avoid additional and unnecessary hardware acquisition costs
  • Eliminate avoidable rework & late system deployment due to performance issues
  • Reduce increased software maintenance costs due to performance problems in production
  • More positive customer reviews thanks to faster processing and earlier product shipments
  • Increased sales generated by a superior customer experience for your e-commerce application
Performance Tuning Solution
  • Determine performance requirements for critical business processes early in the project
  • Utilize pointed questions to create impactful service level agreements
  • Create appropriate hardware requirements across the system
  • Build a solid baseline for heavily used workflows and critical business processes
  • If in house tools aren’t available, Advantu’s engineer will utilize open source tools:
    • to drive server-side unit components
    • for scripted concurrent user, graphic user interface use cases
    • to generate test data when exercising the database
    • to load/soak/stress the entire networked/wireless system
  • Execute the performance test plan against the SLA’s throughout the software development life cycle
  • Work with developers while troubleshooting performance issues until SLA’s are met
  • Generate detailed performance testing report
  • Conduct post-mortem and fold results into ongoing process improvement plan
Challenges Teams Face
  • Unacceptably slow user experience
  • Big data issues with workload, scalability and data integrity
  • Painfully slow reports/batch runs/print requests
  • Analytics processes which bog down entire networks
  • Increased software maintenance costs due to performance problems in production
  • Connectivity issues which negatively impact mission critical system monitoring
  • Unreliable systems which freeze or crash…at the worst possible moment

Advantu’s team will help you build large systems across multiple locations which perform admirably regardless of technology, environmental constraints or security requirements.

Tell us about your issues, let’s discuss your challenges – we’re confident our unique experience can deliver a solution that meets your needs.