Advantu Customer Testimonial – Don Canal

The best way for customers to learn about Advantu is by hearing from one of our clients. Here is more from Don…

Don Canal Photo

Don Canal – Executive Team, Clarify Medical

Advantu provided resources for software quality assurance and testing support for a Medical Device & Physician/Patient Portal interface system.

Lina did a great job for us. Kris was great as well. Very flexible and responsive to any issues. Great work and a great team to work with.

Clarify was able to successfully release their product with the highest quality and reliability.

Advantu is dedicated solely to supporting medical device teams, whether startup or long-term company, and with our 100 years combined experience – our engineers are masters at delivering software engineering, software quality engineering and quality management process (improvement) solutions.

We devoted ourselves to Don’s project…and made it our Mission to get his product to market, on time with best in class reliability and quality.

Don introduced us to several of his medical device colleagues – which led to our team providing much appreciated solutions for three additional companies.

As a result, Don is a valued member of Advantu’s Partner Program…helping other medical device companies augment their software & quality needs.

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