Aren’t you getting tired of delivering bad news?

I’m not sure which is worse, delivering bad news on Friday, or, having the conversation with your Boss on Monday – because the project is falling further behind.

Software development and testing isn’t easy – otherwise, everyone would be doing it…right?iuv

You’ve researched the problem, you’ve asked countless questions, held endless meetings and looked over everyone’s shoulders to see what they’re up to – and STILL, you can’t move the project forward.

It’s the proverbial two steps forward…you start to make progress, then an unexpected failure…rework is required and it’s five steps backwards.


You’re way past sleepless nights, worrying about the unknown, and now the stress is becoming very real.

How long before upper management decides you’re not solving problems quickly enough, and they cut you loose?

Does this sound familiar?

Now imagine a scenario where the stakes are really high…Human Lives.

Running engineering teams is always challenging, but when you add ‘potentially life threatening’ to the mix – the risk grows exponentially.

medical device software quality helpThe thought that your team could miss something critical, and down the road a patient pays the price…that’s a pretty scary realization.

We could go further down this path and look at some of the recent medical device recalls, where people were either critically injured, or died, and you can see how much of a high wire act this becomes.

So, how do you determine where to look first?  What are the telltale signs? 

For example; why doesn’t the new device work as expected? Why does the hospital facing system keep locking up or crashing?  Where is the disconnect?

Those are important questions – what are your options?

  1. Dig in and review the software developer plan one more time
  2. Perform reviews to see where someone strayed from coding standards
  3. Walk through the requirements & specifications to look for gaps
  4. There’s always the test team – why aren’t THEY finding those critical bugs earlier
  5. Make everyone work longer hours, eat alot of pizza and spend endless weekends chasing ghosts

After trying all those options, you realize nothing seems to work…so now what?

Forest from the Trees.

Here’s where perspective makes all the difference.

Think of the hamster running inside the wheel.  He doesn’t know he’s on a wheel, he’s just running as hard as he can but he isn’t getting anywhere.  And because he’s inside the wheel, he can’t step back to see the problem…he’s lacking perspective.

If your way isn’t working…maybe it’s time for a different approach.

The Solution.

This is where having a partner with the right experience (and perspective) can help turn things around.

We’ve learned over time, while helping engineering & marketing teams meet their timelines, that there are three areas to consider.

  • People
  • Process
  • Tools

Because we’ve solved these challenges successfully, on multiple projects – we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing where to check, what to look for…and how to Identify and Solve the root cause.

When you align yourself with a team who’s seen these issues before, and crafted highly effective solutions for happy clients – that’s how you bend things in your direction to produce the desired results.

Advantu has this experience, including an enviable track record of delivering results – and we’re only an email or phone call away.

Let’s get this turned around and put you back in the driver’s seat today – scroll down and send us a note.  😎 


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