Outsourcing – what if someone led the way….?

Imagine taking a road trip – minus the benefits of Google Maps and your smart phone.

What if you lived in Los Angeles, or Orange County and wanted to get to the Lakeside Rodeo but there was no such thing as Google Maps – what would you do?

You would probably reach out to a couple of your buddies who live in the area, and ask for directions – right?

They’d tell you to take this route instead of that, so you avoided peak traffic; plus, they’d alert you to potential delays caused by road repairs being done near the Rodeo.

man traveling by car

Or, you would stop at a gas station to buy a map and down the road you’d go –completely unaware of the damaging potholes and endless delays surrounding the road repair machinery.

Won’t that be a fun set of surprises….?

Now – today’s alternative with my iPhone.

When I get in my car and I want to drive somewhere I’ve never been before – I input the address and the iPhone will provide me with a route, including estimated time to arrive, plus guidance around pitfalls such as road closures or excessive traffic.

Dashboard GPS

I take it for granted now, but thanks to technology – I have a guide to help me avoid ugly surprises and provide a reliable route to my desired destination, including the time it will take to get there.

How does this compare to outsourcing…?

Let’s take a moment to review ‘why’ companies choose to utilize outsourcing – what are the benefits of having software development work conducted offshore or nearshore?

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased capacity
  • Minimized time to market

If your company is looking to reduce costs – and surveys show this as the #1 reason companies choose outsourcing – here are important project statistics from the Aberdeen Group & Companies:

  • Nearly 50% of outsourced projects fail outright, or fail to meet expectations
  • 76% of companies said that vendor management effort and costs were much higher than expected
  • 30% reported ongoing issues with outsource management processes (e.g., inadequate governance and conflict resolution procedures)
  • 51% reported the outsourcer was not performing to expectations

When you look at the first statistic, you’re actually taking the same gamble as red vs black in Roulette about your project’s success, right off the bat.

Are we saying outsourcing is bad?

Quite the contrary; when conducted properly with a proven program in place – outsourcing can meet the needs of your company with all expected goals met, as advertised.

However: If your company has never outsourced a project before – even with all the due diligence in the world – you are still held captive by the same caveat: you don’t know, what you don’t know…

Here’s the good news: your company can outsource successfully by letting someone, who has been down that road before – lead the way.

Imagine having a guide show you where all the potholes, ugly surprises and roadblocks are before you even get started – just think of all the time and money saved by your guide’s decades of experience.

This guide is the Advantu Outsource Interim Bridge Program.

Do you want that big win!

With an Outsource Interim Bridge Program – you will have the entire offshore or nearshore program put in place, so that every aspect is spelled out for you in advance – regardless of the Vendor you choose.

Because we’ve lived through disasters of the past – seen far too many projects fail due to preventable bottlenecks and project killers – we not only know what to avoid, more importantly, we know how to succeed with an outsource team.

Here’s the icing on the cake; because this process is fully documented – including team training, mentoring and milestones – you will have a complete outsource roadmap to guide you on all future projects.

It’s time to stop gambling with something vitally important to your company’s future; let us position you for success and enjoy the outsource benefits you seek – reduced development costs, increased capacity and faster time to market.

“Think of Advantu as your Google Maps for Outsourcing – We help you find the best way there….”


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