Why settle for good enough…?

It’s amazing how often we hear the same response from Engineering VP’s, CTO’s and Development Directors:

“It’s good enough, so ship it…”

The thing is – if you could routinely deliver high quality applications to your clients – why would you settle for anything less?


Look at how many bad reviews light up the blogosphere, technical magazines or technology websites – every time there’s a new product release.

And we all ask ourselves the same question:

“How on earth did that problem get past so many people?”

The culprit isn’t that – one or two people, or a specific team – missed the problem…it goes much deeper.

It’s the mindset of the organization and practically every company suffers from it – here are some telling examples:

“We have to meet our deadlines – our biggest customer won’t accept another delay…”

“There’s an Expo coming up – and the new product has to be ready…!”

“We need to be First – when it comes to Time To Market….”

“The UAT Folks took a quick look at it and everything is fine – it needs to be shipped today….”

Sound familiar?

Here’s my question to you:

“What if you could build applications, and release them with absolute conviction that nothing bad will happen – in fact – they will work as advertised and your customers will love them….?”

Would you be interested in discussing ways to make this happen?

Software development should be a completely predictable process – whether you’re utilizing waterfall, spiral, or agile – the results should be exactly what you expect, and what your clients deserve.


Let us help you put the right processes in place – so you can reduce development costs, increase throughput and improve customer satisfaction with your products.

The sooner you start the faster you’ll get there – call or email me today:

Kris Kelly



Bus: 858.876.8027

Email: kkelly@advantu.com


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