Partner Program Rewards

Our Winter Event

Hello and Welcome Partner Program Members – we are announcing our Winter Event including rewards to our members, plus additional benefits for your referred clients.

Our goal is to provide every tool and enticement imaginable to help increase your residual income, and improve your ‘new opportunity’ capture rate.

For the Winter Event, which runs through St. Patrick’s Day – we are offering the following:

  • Any partner who introduces Advantu to a client before the Holiday (and it turns into a contract) will receive an additional $1,000.00 Payout from our CEO, Kris Kelly – as a way of saying Welcome to our Program!
  • To make it easier to promote our solutions:
    • Any client that needs software tool validation (aka intended use validation) for 4 or more software applications – Advantu will perform 1 validation for Free!
    • Any company that needs software testing support – Advantu will provide one 8 hour day for Free!

Tim Reynal is our Partner Program Coordinator, and he’s put together the Advantu Sales Tackle Box which provides every tool available to help you reach your target audience, and transition them into Advantu Clients – in the blink of an eye.

We sincerely appreciate our Partners, so we want to show our support every chance we get. 

For more information please contact Tim Reynal.

Email: Tim Reynal

Phone: 858.433.1588