Quality Leaders – what keeps you up at night…?

Are you the person who takes those calls when deadlines are missed or product quality issues appear, again?

Whether you are a leader of a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, the product delivery problems are equally severe and the pain is very real…so what do you do?

How do you determine the best path forward, if everything you’ve tried…isn’t working?

Is there a way to evaluate your organization and all vendors…to logically measure every department, team and process…so you can see where the problems lie?

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How do I objectively measure progress across the entire organization? 
  • What’s the most valuable metric, to determine whether my plans are being implemented properly?
  • Are we getting the results we wanted? 
  • Will our goals be met?

These are critically important questions…which leaders should ask themselves on a regular basis.

The pain.

Because we lead busy lives dealing with fierce competition, tighter margins, and a dynamic product landscape – it’s not possible to continually measure the success of our plans and initiatives, on a regular basis.

If you look at the duties of a leader at the executive level (cxo, vp, director) and try to build a daily schedule around them…you’ll soon realize there isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish everything. 

You know you’re focused, you’ve trained your team well and everyone is on board with your Product Delivery and Quality Plans.

But products still release late, and the customer complaints are not decreasing…they’re growing.

In fact, a colleague gave you an fyi that your favorite client is starting conversations with your competitors, because promises aren’t being kept.

Your solution.

You call everyone together, you review the implementation of every process you’ve established – including all the training everyone was put through – and you conduct spot inspections throughout the entire organization.

You look at R&D, Manufacturing, Supplier Quality & Logistics – all the vendor agreements.

But you can’t find the culprit.

Meanwhile, your daily responsibilities are growing and it’s almost impossible to get real sleep anymore….because you wake up thinking you missed something…and you might not make a delivery date for you biggest customer.

An alternative.

What if there was a process you could utilize that’s been around for quite a while, that would provide the following:

  • Ability to realistically align your corporate goals and initiatives with practical daily/weekly/monthly tasks within your organization
  • Opportunity to measure the effectiveness of every aspect of the operation on a regular basis
  • Practical means to make adjustments where necessary in order to improve the process as you go
  • View the results of every change you’ve made and actually see ‘why’ they’re working
  • To absolutely know what’s going on within your organization (including vendors) on a near real time basis
  • Have absolute confidence for every product line:
    • Ability to meet delivery dates
    • Product quality is world class across the board
    • Product costs are controlled and profits meet expectations

The answer is the Advantu CoQ Solution. 

Proper utilization of this approach, more than any other, is how extremely successful bio-pharma companies continue to grow – profitably. 

Many of those companies ran into serious challenges themselves, but after CoQ Metrics was utilized, the problems were identified and mitigated successfully.

I will provide real world examples where our Quality Process Expert Charlie Gragg implemented CoQ Metrics within well known companies – in my next article.

Bonus: If you want Charlie’s outline describing the CoQ Program – please send a note (form below)


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