Burnout Crisis for Women in Med Tech

STEM job growth has been hot but the pandemic and return to work has brought about an exodus that threatens the strong progress that was being made over the past couple of decades to increase gender, racial and ethnic diversity in life sciences and med tech.

Today we have special guest Pamela Gardner on our podcast to discuss why this is important for med tech industry leaders to recognize and explore ways to turn the tides on this exodus to prevent the loss of critical coaches, leaders and mentors in the efforts toward increased diversity that leads to thriving businesses in our med tech community.

Pamela Gardner is an Entrepreneur and Connector, Founder and CEO of Biotech Vendor Services, Inc. and an Empowerment Coach who supports Women to Thrive in STEM.

Our host today is Advantu Director Marketing Kathleen Glass, Supporter of Women in Tech, Women in Sales, and Women in Privacy.

Pam has highlighted a number of important steps for companies who are working on return to work plans. It’s crucial that the med tech community build in the support mechanisms to avoid the loss of an essential part of their workforce. To explore other ideas, connect with Pamela at pam.gardner@bvsconnection.com and Women Thriving in STEM LinkedIn Group.

Up next in our podcast series, Pam will share her own personal experience in becoming a networking powerhouse and building her business as empowerment coach for life sciences.


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