How to Hack Proof Wireless Medical Devices from Cybersecurity Attacks

Welcome to Episode 4 of Software Tech Talks – How the Pro’s Build Reliable Products.

“Tom Vaccaro is a 40 year Software Engineering Executive, with 25 of those years spent improving the safety and reliability of Medical Devices.  He specialized in Wi-Fi and his expertise lies in ensuring embedded products can share data across wireless networks securely, without fear of being hacked.  

Cybersecurity risks are huge in the medical device realm, and ensuring the protection of patient health information is a top concern.  

More about Tom’s background:

Tom has spent decades honing his leadership skills, and leading teams of people developing bleeding edge technology necessary to deliver world class hospital systems which save lives, here and in Europe.  

He spent time in the defense contractor world, leading projects for Lockheed Martin, and he’ll tell you that his greatest fulfillment comes from building medical devices and improving the quality of life for people he’s never even met.  

What Tom is an expert at:

Tom is an expert at wireless technology, and his focus is on building systems (including the vast networks that support data communications) that operate securely around the clock.  

We spoke with Tom about Cybersecurity in the Med Tech world, and he gave us key pointers about the correct technology to use, the tools necessary for proper configuration and the skill sets necessary to understand and implement wireless networks for maximum Cybersecurity effectiveness.  

If you are leading teams building medical devices, and you have concerns regarding Cybersecurity weaknesses and you want to make sure your sites aren’t successfully hacked – this is the Podcast Episode for you!” 

Bonus: Tom provided a list of the Top 10 Ways to Prevent Cybersecurity Hacks – send an email to ‘‘ with the Subject Top 10 and we’ll get it to you ASAP!


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