Telemedicine, Risk Management and your Blood Pressure – How to Identify and Prevent Critical Risks in Your Life

Welcome to Episode 9 of Software Tech Talks – How the Pro’s Build Reliable Products.

Today’s featured guest is Jacques Stroud, the Founder of Docfully Healthcare – which is a healthcare startup that uses a software system to deliver telemedicine services to the elderly and disabled in their home.

Jacques has a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree from Chicago State University, and he’s also a certified Nursing Assistant & a personal trainer – so he’s widely experienced & passionate about helping people improve their overall health.

Jacques started Docfully because he saw a great need going unfulfilled – and he decided to do something about it.

I met Jacques at CyberTECH, a high tech incubator in downtown San Diego, where I served as a Mentor to Entrepreneurs in Residence. Jacques and his team requested our support with Risk Management for the design and implementation of their software system, so Advantu’s Director of Operations & Software Engineering, Ron Kutsch, and I worked with them for several quarters, and it’s been an amazing experience for everyone.  Ron is still helping Jacques & his team with occasional technology questions and we couldn’t be prouder of the work they’re doing.

Jacques is highly motivated, h e doesn’t let business or technology roadblocks get in his way – and his tenacity is one of the biggest reasons why I believe he will be highly successful.

We asked Jacques to describe his experiences as a caretaker, as well as his #1 recommended book and the best way to contact him.

Book:  The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank

His business website:


Favorite quote: “What we do in life – echoes I eternity…”

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