DevOps Automation – How I got my Release Notes to Write Themselves

Welcome to Episode 5 of Software Tech Talks – How the Pro’s Build Reliable Products.

Eric DePaul is a Software Engineering Executive, with over 21 years of Quality, IV&V and Configuration Management experience in numerous vertical markets; he has a proven track record of automating software development tasks (previously performed by people) which expedite’s build delivery velocity and contributes to increased productivity.

His broad management, product development, independent verification & validation and manufacturing experience has helped establish work process efficiency and product quality as a distinguishing characteristic of his projects.

DevOps automation is a huge topic, thanks to the measurable ROI for companies seeking to increase throughput & productivity, while also improving product quality and reliability.

Today’s interview is centered around the core theme “DevOps Checklist: Top 10 things you want Computers to do instead of Humans”.

More about Eric’s background:

Eric has spent decades honing his leadership skills, and is a leading voice for process improvement in all aspects of the software development life cycle – and his key focus has been increasing velocity with configuration management. Today it’s more aptly titled DevOps and nobody knows how to improve automation of this critical process better than Eric DePaul.

Eric is experienced with diverse product bases spanning bio-medical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, terrestrial networks, embedded consumer electronics, data/content management systems, portals and enterprise applications, client/server and Internet technologies. Mr. DePaul has spent 15 years as a body of knowledge consultant for HIPAA, FDA CFRs (210, 211, 820), CISPER 11, IECs and IEEE.

What Eric is an expert at:

Eric is an expert at automation of configuration management, including ways to make the R&D team more effective by creating a better road for them to build high quality cars.

We spoke with Eric about various approaches towards improving the work life for software development organizations, including the testing teams they work with, in order to help companies more effectively design, build and release world class products their customers expect.

If you are leading teams who are building mission critical applications and systems, and you have concerns regarding SDLC weaknesses (and you want to know how to measurably increase throughput) this Podcast Episode is perfect for you!” 

Eric’s best book recommendation and why:

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz  – it establishes four tenants which everyone holds valuable and it has to do with communications.

Best way to get in touch with Eric:

He’s got a checklist that goes through your software development process in order to automate everything so computers can do more work – freeing developers up to focus on creatively building their applications.

Get in touch with him to request his checklist: ‘Top 10 Ways to Automate DevOps’ – by sending an email to ‘‘ with the Subject Eric’s Top 10 and we’ll get it to you ASAP!


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