How to Overcome SW Engineering Mgmt Challenges – we ask Patrick Ward

Hello and welcome to our podcast series “Software Tech Talks – How the Pro’s Build Reliable Products” – today’s episode is designed for Software Engineering Managers, especially if you’re rising in your career and you’ve been provided the opportunity to lead your own team.

I sat down with Patrick Ward, an industry leader with 25 years of software engineering management experience, and I asked him about the challenges new managers will face – and what they can do to overcome them successfully.

Patrick understands the daunting challenges faced by a new manager, so we discussed numerous areas of importance, including ‘level setting’ expectations, performance and building a unified team in order to deliver solid, reliable products in a competitive market, on a reliable schedule.

Patrick Ward has been a software developer, manager, director and vice president over the years, leading teams at companies such as Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Cardiff Software, Verify (now HP), Sopheon and Carefusion (now BD), and he shares his thoughts regarding leadership and building world class teams.

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