QMS Process Improvement – Quality Process Expert Charlie Gragg explains how Gap Analysis delivers Process Improvement Successfully


Welcome to Episode 10 of Software Tech Talks – How the Pro’s Build Reliable Products! Today’s topic: QMS Process Improvement

Experiencing excessive Time 2 Market delays…?

Podcast Bonus: For Medical Device Regulatory/Quality/Engineering Leaders – we will provide a Free Consultation with Charlie Gragg so you can discuss those Time to Market / Product Quality Challenges that are stopping you from reaching your Corporate Goals.

Today’s featured guest is Charlie Gragg, a Quality Process Expert and Technology Leader, with over 30 years’ experience leading Software Development & Regulatory Process Improvement Projects.

He’s facilitated corporate teams achieving sustainable quality process improvement, for organizations such as The Internal Revenue Service, Hospira, Fresenius Medical Care, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic,  Obalon Therapeutics, Baxter Hospital Products and many more.

And for the last 21 years, Charlie has focused on Medical Device manufacturers because he considers patient safety and customer satisfaction equally important.

More about Charlie’s background:

He can tell you first hand – if you want to Prevent FDA Recalls, shrink time to market and improve customer satisfaction with your products – it’s all about QMS process improvement.

Are critical defects escaping to production? Are projects continually sliding to the right? Are development costs skyrocketing? Are you spending all your profits on tech support?

There are GAPs in your process that are killing you – and that’s why Charlie is in such high demand.

The Value-Add Project Benefits Charlie Shares in this Podcast:

Charlie shares ‘real world’ examples of challenges he’s helped clients resolve, such as overcoming critical defects escaping to production.  This was a major problem for one client, that could lead to FDA Recalls.

Charlie worked with their organization to conduct a GAP Analysis of their entire process, (from design to manufacturing), collaboratively reviewed the remediation options, and put into place an updated process to successfully prevent those problems from happening in the future. The solutions was QMS process improvement.

What Charlie is an expert at:

He can reveal the blind spots in your process, that are contributing to all your pain – because he’s been doing this for a long time and he knows what to look for.  Think of it as going to your Doctor – he’s been studying and focusing on the physical and mental health of human beings – he knows what to ask and where to check.

If you take your Doctor’s advice and follow his recommended regimen – you will be able to ‘prevent’ health problems and have a very happy life.

Charlie has been studying and focusing on the health of medical devices and software applications – he knows what to you ask and where to check.

If you take Charlie’s advice and follow his recommended regimen – you will be able to ‘prevent’ customer complaints by building high quality, reliable products and have a very happy life.


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