How to Increase Market Share and Improve User Experience – use Human Factors Engineering Early & Often!

Welcome to Episode 8 of Software Tech Talks – How the Pro’s Build Reliable Products!

Today’s Featured Guest is Ella Cozmi, a Master of Human Factors Engineering whose passion & expertise make her the ‘Go To’ Expert when you’re designing a Medical Device for use in the US or around the Globe.

Ella has over 15 years HFE experience, and her specialties include Regulatory, Medical & Clinical development, Clinical Trials & Clinical Evaluations, Usability Studies, Product Usability and User Interface Design.

Ella is a Consultant, and her agency, Human Factoring Rx, brings decades of experience to any Biotech project – and as a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of bedside nursing experience – Ella knows first hand what a successful product design looks like. She can help you avoid product release failures – because she knows what users want!


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